IN:MARG Philosophy

Education doesn't stop after college graduation and internship. 


Entrepreneurs and professionals in every field are constantly updating their knowledge and database through research and continuing education to seek deeper understanding on how things really work in real life. Seeking to find real life solutions to make life better and build businesses which address and excite customers to experience life in a more richer and meaningful way.


 You will read, network, brainstorm, participate in hackathons, dream and do just anything to augment your own understanding of the living and work environment to find new solutions to problems and issues unique to our planet. 


IN:MARG opens the doors for you to the inner sanctums in medicines, religions, arts, entertainment, technologies, architectures, global entrepreneurship in India and USA. In an environment where people and professionals are approachable, engaging, relatable while experimenting and embracing the old and the new knowledge and practices in an organic manner.